Is Embedded Payments the Key to Helping Banks Compete with FinTechs?

Dragonfly Financial Technologies’ Chief Revenue Officer, Carl Robinson, discussed the importance of embedded payments to the banking industry in a recent article published in Global Fin Tech Times. For those unfamiliar with the term, embedded banking integrates traditional banking services, including payments, lending, cash forecasting, balance reporting and more, directly into non-banking platforms or applications.

In the article, Carl discusses the value of adding embedded payments to a bank’s arsenal to help traditional banks compete with FinTechs. He highlights that banks can leverage embedded payments to tap into new revenue streams and improve customer retention through enhanced service offerings – providing comprehensive financial services while maintaining their bank’s brand and services throughout their customers’ banking experience. To learn more, read the full article, “Can Embedded Payments Push Banks Ahead of FinTechs in 2024?

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