Headless Banking Helps Banks Compete with FinTechs

Dragonfly Financial Technologies’ Chief Product Officer Jim Gillespie recently penned an article in Open Banking Expo on why headless banking is a game-changer for banks competing head-to-head with FinTechs. Jim discusses how digital business banking is becoming “distributed banking” and how more banks are providing access to information and payments autonomously – direct into the customer’s ERP system. The article also discusses the advantages of headless banking in helping banks augment legacy tech stacks and spin up new services. Check out the full article on Open Banking Expo!

Dragonfly offers tools and technology to accelerate your path to headless banking and help you get to market even faster. APIs, event streams and microservices are the core to Dragonfly’s composable business banking solution. Want to learn more about implementing a headless banking architecture? Reach out to Dragonfly to connect with our digital banking team.


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